Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Zoo Trip

      I have to say that the zoo is a lot more fun these days. Today I went with my mom and Brent. We had the BEST time!! We got their at 9 and did not leave until 3. We did everything there was to do at the zoo.
     When we got there my mom was getting Brent out of the car and he started crying and screaming "my lizard, my lizard".  We thought he brought one of his toy lizards...NO he brought a lizard from the house. And yes it jumped out of his pocket and ran under the cars in the parking lot. Brent loves animals,  so he was really upset about losing his lizard. I had to assure him he would find another, and then we had to have a talk about NOT bringing those little creatures in my car....I quiver just thinking about one getting loose while I'm driving. 

     After getting over the lizard incident, we had so much fun. My mom and Brent really had a good time because my mom is as much of a kid as Brent
      Brent loved the snakes, lizards, and frogs....

Some kind of animal...

Then it was time to feed the giraffes. Yea they did not have that when I was little...pretty cool.

 After all that it was time to take a break (for me and mom) and let Brent play on the elephants.

Of course mom and Brent had to have their picture with the gorilla statue.

Time for the Jaguars....
And to another lizard, snake, and frog room.

     Then it was time for the Dino exhibit. I thought it was pretty cool, and Brent loved it! Some people I talked to were not that impressed with it, but I really don't know what they were expecting. The eyes moved to look at you, they moved there heads, and some sprayed water on the kids. Over all it was worth 2 dollars to walk thru. The zoo is only going to have it until June 30th so if you're thinking about going you better hurry:)

They even had a place for the kids to take a break and play.

     Kinda disturbing but I guess they wanted the kids to know that dinosaurs kill...I don't know.

     The kids really liked the dinosaurs that sprayed water on them.

Baby T-Rex

Mama T-rex

     Brent said this one kinda scared him:)

After walking thru we went to the store to see how the dinosaurs were made.

     We even got to see a real dinosaur skeletons.

Bird time....

By far my favorite part was feeding the birds.

     Brent finally got a bird to land on him.

     Mom and Brent rode the carousal.

Back to the statue:)

As Allie would say "All Aboard".... It was time to relax again and take a ride around the park.

And that was our trip to the Jacksonville Zoo.


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