Monday, April 11, 2011

First lake trip of the year...

     The first lake trip of the year is always the best. Brent has been begging us to go to the lake since Christmas, so this weekend we decided to go. We could not have picked a better weekend, it was beautiful!

     My mom watched Blake this weekend. They were able to bond, and we were able to give Brent a little extra attention that he has been missing out on. He built a sand castle, rode the jet ski, and we even got him his own tube to ride in.

     Since my four year old is more independent these days I was able to spend my days in a chair enjoying the sun...right where I wanted to be:)

     Too bad Justin spent a little too much time in the sun. There is only one word BURNT!

     But our new dog Pita had a great time, I think she could really get used to being a "lake pup".

     She played with Brent and ran around chasing the other lake dogs till she was dog

     Over all we had a great weekend, and I think this picture says it all...