Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pita our new dog

     Monday was a big day at the Mizell house. We were approved to adopted a It was not Todd from Nassau County Animal Services, still not eligible for that dog. Instead, Justin's uncle was able to get us a Rat Terrier from a guy he does business with:)
    She is really not the cutest thing you have ever seen, but we are used to having ugly dogs around here. I'm sure a day at the groomer on Thursday will help...she needs her ears cleaned, toenails clipped (maybe some polish) lol, and a good bath.
Brent is in his boxers because Pita peed on him as soon as he picked her up:)

       I know little Pita will do just fine, she is already chasing and barking at the cows. Thank You Uncle Clyde for not thinking we are unfit to own a dog. I know the unannounced drop in to check on the dog are to be expected for people like us...…Ill be looking forward to your visit. Ha!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's happening too fast:)

     I cannot believe that my baby is going to be one next month. Really!? Where has the time gone?Lately I have noticed that Blake's hair is getting way too long in the back....mullet long:) So I decided that today was the day. The mullet was coming off! Too bad Blake did better when I held him and someone else cut so I did not get to give him his first cut. Instead I got my good friends and co-workers to help me out. Mary cut, Pam and her grandson helped get Blake's attention and Pam's daughter Ashley took pictures. With all of us working together Blake has a really nice little boy haircut. Here are just a few pictures of Blake's big day....

He finally gave a little smile

Monday, March 7, 2011

Unfit to adopt a dog!??

     The movies make it look so easy to adopt a dog. Walk in, fall in love with your new pet, pay for it, and take it home. Well that is not the case at all.

    This is "Pup" she went missing about a month ago and my son is very upset. So my husband and I decided to get him a new dog. We were looking around online and saw a puppy named "Todd" at our local animal shelter.

This is Todd:)

     We went over to the shelter on Friday to look at him and when I saw him I had to have him. So we started the adoption process and that is where everything went crazy. They had me fill out a form asking all kind of wild questions like how I would exercise the dog and how many hours a day it would be alone.  When I was done answering the ridiculous questions the lady behind the desk said that they are looking for "forever homes" for there pets and that we should really think about this. Then Justin (my husband) said "lady its a dog one day he will die and the only thing forever is heaven and hell". They did not like that at all. A couple other ladies came from the back and all of them started saying that we really need to think about this and that this is not something that we need to take lightly. We really didn't like the attitude we were getting from the people at the shelter so we left. But that was not the end of it.
   The rest of the day and all night I thought about this dog. So Saturday morning I got up took my kids and my mom to the shelter to pay for Todd. I walked in with my head held high and told the ladies that I would like to adopt Todd. And it started again....

       The lady said for us to go back and look at the dog again "to make sure we wanted him". I said fine my son really wants to meet the dog.  My 4 year old fell in love with Todd and after they played for about 5 minutes I said lets get started I want to adopted this dog. We went inside and I filled out the paperwork... again.  While I was waiting for them to look over my paperwork and for the counselor (yea a dog counselor) to come talk with me, my mom and Brent went to look at the other dogs in the shelter. The counselor brought me back, sat me down, and we started the interview. She wanted to know about our previous dog Pup (that we don't have anymore). She said that if I don't have proper forms from a vet that we were giving our dog shots and heart guard then she would never give me one of her dogs. I understand that she is trying to make sure these dogs go to good homes but we are good people. My husbands family has a farm and they know how to take care of animals. My husband was giving Pup shots that he got from the local feed store and heart guard that he got from his uncle. As for that rabies shot she was almost old enough for the shot and we were planning on taking her to get it but she went missing. I told the lady all of this but she still did not listen she insisted that I was "unfit" and that I did not know how to take care of a dog. How RUDE! I was beside myself. I could not believe that she was saying this to me. We talked a little longer and I got up and left. I went outside and called my husband in tears. I told him what happen and how mean the lady was to me and of course he wanted to go up to the shelter and give her a piece of his mind. Sure I did too but I didn't want to be like that lady. Justin called a few other shelters and they said that if you know longer have the animal then you do not have to show vet records. I dont know what that ladies problem is but we are going to ask around and see if we might be able to go over her head.  I'll let you know what happens next. Hopefully they will have a change of heart and let Todd come live with us.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


   Well as if I don't have enough to do I have decided to start a blog. I am definitely not a writer but I think it will be fun to write about whats going on in my life.