Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Great Deal!!!!

     When Justin and I got married, my mom and dad gave us one of their Kirby Vacuums.  I loved it and was so thankful that we didn't have to go spend money on a vacuum. Well, every good thing must come to an end. The Kirby has not been doing that great of a job lately, and I just cannot have a dirty floor.

     So I have been talking up the new Dyson vacuum. I've seen the commercials and they make cleaning look so fun! It took a lot for me to get Justin talked into spending 500 dollars, but he finally came around. I noticed that Target had them on sale for $399, but when we got there they did not have them on sale. When we asked they said it was a sale only for online purchases only...crazy I know.

     We left and I have to admit I was pretty upset, but I had something else up my sleeve. I told Justin that I had a 20% off coupon for Bed Bath and Beyond, so with 30 minutes until they closed we drove to River City. When we got there, I started to wonder if they price matched....They do!! Yes, Bed Bath and Beyond priced matched Targets online price of $399 and on top of that I got to use my 20% off coupon. I got my $500 vacuum for $342 total!!!! I could not believe it, and Justin was so happy about the price that he took me and the boys to Cracker Barrel to celebrate. One of my best deals in a while, and my floors have never looked so clean:)

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  1. oh girl, i love a good deal! Yay for coupons and price matching!